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Do you have the skills to compete against the best, most experienced karting racers? At Go-Karting there are many different options for you to participate at high levels of competition!



Go-Karting feels that driver development and education of race craft is essential in the continuation of providing you with the best karting experience, and taking it to the next level! Depending on the students level of ability and experience, programs can include off-track kart orientation, track orientation, lead-follow track sessions that will teach the racing line, braking points, turn-in points, trail braking, race starts, and race strategy. Click here for more information on the program.


Go-Karting plays host to 3 regional competition karting series in 2014. (click on their logo for more information on the series)

gorotax gear up  f1 series NJ Sprint Series
  • 7/10, 7/11 on Avenger
  • 7/12 on Tempest
  • 8/21, 8/22 on Liberator
  • 8/23 on Tempest
  • 9/18, 9/19, 9/20 on Tempest
  • 5/15, 5/16, 5/17 on Liberator



NJ MiniGP provides the perfect venue for the entire family to enjoy the sport of Motorcycle Roadracing and SuperMoto with an unmatched amount of two-wheeled track time in a non-threatening and controlled environment. For kids ages 5 to 16, NJ MiniGP is the best and safest way to gain access to the sport. And the “MiniGP” race class is tailored specifically for young beginners who wish to compete. For adults, NJ MiniGP offers the most track time you can get on two wheels, with six different race categories that allow you to run just about any smalMiniGP-4l displacement motorcycle, from tricked out 50′s to full-tilt, 450cc Super Motards. At NJ MiniGP there’s a place to race for every member of the family. Click here to learn more about New Jersey Mini GP.


NJ MiniGP Schedule:

April 11 Practice NJ Liberator
April 25 12 Hour Endurance NJ Liberator
May 16 Practice NJ Avenger
May 17 Sprint Race NJ Avenger
June 6 4 Hour Endurance NJ Avenger
June 20 Sprint Race NJ Liberator
July 11 NJ Liberator
August 6, 7, 8 3-day school/sprint NJ Avenger: Thursday/ Liberator Fri-Sat
August 22 NJ Avenger
September 7 4 Hour Endurance NJ Tempest
October 3 Practice NJ Liberator
October 25 Sprint Race NJ Liberator
November 7 4 Hour Endurance NJ Tempest


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