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People Against Distracted Driving Raffle
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New Jersey Motorsports Park  will officially partner and become part of The Nikki Kellenyi Foundation – People Against Distracted Driving’s campaign to eliminate texting and driving. Nikki Kellenyi was the rear passenger of a vehicle involved in a 2012 accident in Washington Township, N.J. The driver, who survived, was suspected of using a cell phone at the time of the crash. Kellenyi, 18, was killed. In the eighteen months since, Nikki’s family and a large community of friends and supporters have come together to carry on a campaign, in Nikki’s memory, to call attention to, and end, distracted driving – People against Distracted Driving.

NJMP’s partnership with PADD’s “Don’t Text and Drive” campaign will include signage at NJMP in 2014.



PADD 2013 UPDATE PURPLE copyThe Nikki Kellenyi Foundation – People Against Distracted Driving’-People Against  Distracted Driving was incorporated October 10th, 2012. in memory of Nikki Kellenyi, a beloved Washington Township, New Jersey high school senior who died at the age of 18, a VICTIM of a distracted driving auto crash as a backseat passenger in a car driven by her friend, one month before her high school senior prom.

The mission or purpose of People Against Distracted Driving® (PADD) as stated in its Articles of Incorporation, “The prevention of distracted driving through public awareness and education and to aid the families of victims effected by distracted driving.”

PADD’s® mission can be broken down to four areas.

  •  Offering education to drivers about the dangers of distracted driving by attending high schools and colleges around the country.
  •  Supporting the victims and families of victims who have lost loved ones at the hand of a distracted driver through victim advocacy, grief support and financial assistance.
  • Partnering with local, state and federal governments to promote the passage of legislation making awareness and education of the deadly consequences of distracted driving a priority along with making it a criminal offense to drive while distracted.
  • Donating and installing “Don’t Text And Drive” signs and “Don’t Drive Distracted” signs on roads, in schools, businesses and billboards in an effort to keep reminding everyone to keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road.


Nikki was the rear passenger of a car driven by her classmate when the fatal collision with a pick-up truck occurred.   The driver of Nikki’s vehicle received no injuries, the front passenger was ejected from the vehicle receiving head injuries.

The car Nikki died in was in (98 chevy neon) was driven Kellenyi-webby her friend. Nikki was in the backseat, and another girlfriend was in the passenger seat. Nikki was the only one out of three with her seat belt on. Three girlfriends out having the time of their life, getting close to graduating high school. In a split second things would change forever. As the driver of the Neon somehow didn’t notice the two stop signs marking the intersection, nor the F-150 barreling down the road. The result would be deadly.  The front seat passenger was ejected which resulted in a cracked skull and cuts and abrasions all over her body. As a result of the front seat passengers injuries, almost all memory of the crash was gone. Nikki died, but not instantly. It would take almost an hour for first responders to cut her out of the back seat, it was only then when she died. The car had crushed around her body, holding everything together until they pulled her out. Leaving the only person that could say what caused the crash to be Nikki’s friend, the driver, who walked away unscratched. Click here to learn more about Nikki’s Story.


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